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Book, Basic Physics Mechanics 1/07[LS]

Book, Basic Physics Mechanics 1/07[LS]


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The best book on basic physics ever published in Brazil! The Mechanics volume covers Newton's mechanics and also the most illustrative applications of this discipline. As the study of the Basic Physics collection must always begin with mechanics, this volume also contains preliminary themes that include a description of the scope of physics, a brief history of the scientific method and notions about physical quantities and their measurements. Mechanics contains a chapter on harmonic oscillator and another on gravitation - this is because harmonic movement is the most important of all movements, and the explanation of the movement of the planets was what gave credibility to Newtonian mechanics. These two chapters are repeated in the volume Gravitation, Fluids, Waves, Thermodynamics, as many teachers prefer to teach harmonic motion in conjunction with wave motion and others postpone the study of gravitation until the second or third semester of the general physics course.

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