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Book, Ulcer Wounds of Lower Limbs 1/12[LS]

Book, Ulcer Wounds of Lower Limbs 1/12[LS]


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Solid, consistent, innovative. Simply the best! Wounds | Lower Limb Ulcers is the best text ever published in Brazil on this topic. Written by a renowned author, one of the most respected Brazilian authorities in stomatology, this work, which contains the most important and up-to-date information on the diagnosis, management and treatment of wounds, was exquisitely produced and meticulously revised. Richly illustrated, with clear and objective text, Wounds | Lower Limb Ulcers is a safe and effective tool, unparalleled technical support for assisting people with leg ulcers, for people at risk of developing them or even for managing services aimed at this clientele. Another unique feature of this book is the presentation of several clinical cases that provide practical exercise of the knowledge contained in the text.

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