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Book, General and Applied Statistics for Engineering Courses 2/15[LS]

Book, General and Applied Statistics for Engineering Courses 2/15[LS]


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This book is the result of many years of intense work in teaching Statistics for various undergraduate courses, observing the difficulties that students encounter in understanding and applying the content developed during the course, especially for students who work all day and have little time to dedicate to your studies and research. In this material, the texts are presented in a simple and practical way, and aim to meet the daily needs of teachers and students in the classroom. For each subject covered, they bring a brief theoretical summary, with examples solved in detail, followed by a list of exercises, with answers, with a space for solving them in the book itself, to establish the basic concepts of Statistics and their applications in the various courses in both Engineering and other areas. It is worth remembering that any model of scientific calculator will be sufficient to carry out all the necessary calculations. Textbook for the subjects Introduction to Statistics, General Statistics and Applied Statistics for Engineering, Administration, Economics, Mathematics and other Exact Sciences courses. This work is also aimed at readers who are interested in knowing and understanding statistics in a very simple and practical way.

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