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Book, International Economy and Foreign Trade 16/14[LS]

Book, International Economy and Foreign Trade 16/14[LS]


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The development of international trade is gaining increasing importance, being capable of transforming small and poor nations into respectable economic powers. In the Brazilian case, foreign trade has made an important contribution to our economy. It gave our production greater competitiveness because it allowed our industries to produce on a scale greater than the capacity of our domestic market. This means we have lower costs and we also gain jobs. Even so, our exports are still small compared to world exports, which shows the need to dedicate more care to problems related to the International Economy and Foreign Trade. Evolution of International Trade, Economic Blocks and Regional Organizations, Foreign Exchange Market, Classical and Modern Theories of International Trade, Tax Havens, Brazil and the World Economy and Brazil and International Trade are some of the topics covered. Textbook for the subjects International Economics and Foreign Trade of the Administration (Qualification in Foreign Trade) and Economics courses. Relevant reading for professionals in the area of ​​International Trade.

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