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Book, Disposition for astonishment, A[LS]

Book, Disposition for astonishment, A[LS]


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Psychoanalysis, ethics, art, politics, institutionality. The acute and existential gaze of a psychoanalyst who is a reference for reflection on subjectivity and the unconscious Leopold Nosek did not become a reference in the field of Psychoanalysis by chance. With clear and comprehensive reasoning, with clear and seductive writing, the author guides us through the bright and dark paths of our interiority, highlighting in the subject the importance of the ethical value of their choices. We will never see a limited approach in Nosek. His reasoning has a kaleidoscopic sense, in that it covers the same issue from the most varied angles and from the most diverse points of view. Which denotes, in addition to a great capacity for understanding, an enormous sensitivity towards the Other.

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