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Book, Dynamics of Infectious and Parasitic Diseases 2 vols 2/13[LS]

Book, Dynamics of Infectious and Parasitic Diseases 2 vols 2/13[LS]


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After almost seven years since the first edition of the book Dynamics of Infectious and Parasitic Diseases, considering its great acceptance by health professionals, demonstrated by the rapid exhaustion of the first edition and a reprint, the authors decided to launch this second edition. The success of the previous edition resulted mainly in the acceptance of the work by the scientific community and the adoption of the book by several undergraduate and postgraduate courses in the health area in Brazil. This second edition presents new features for the teaching of Infectious and Parasitic Diseases and Tropical Medicine in Brazil. Updated and expanded, the work contains four new chapters - Bases of the Inflammatory Response, So-called Tropical Diseases, Climate and Globalization, Health from the Perspective of Medical Geography and Immunopathology of Chagas Disease - and 38 new collaborators, remaining, however, with the same structure of the first edition: a general part, with 43 chapters, and a specific one, with 131, written by 302 of the most renowned Brazilian experts.

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