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Book, Diderot works 6 The Encyclopedist 3 art, philosophy, politics[LS]

Book, Diderot works 6 The Encyclopedist 3 art, philosophy, politics[LS]


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This volume on mannerism in literature continues and concludes Gustav René Hocke's broad investigation into this spiritual and historical-stylistic phenomenon of manner that began with Mannerism: The World as a Labyrinth (Perspectiva, 3rd ed., 2005), and is also it, the result of intense study of an almost inexhaustible set of literary works from the late Renaissance and Baroque, here classified, ordered and interpreted. In addition to elucidating and delimiting problems of form, the present work becomes equally valuable when inquiring whether and to what extent, as well as from what angle of view, it is possible to sustain the relevance, not only historical, but also structural, of this way of compose in the mentioned cultural periods and in European culture. Despite the divergence of opinions and the theoretical and critical controversy raised by this important and, to a certain extent, pioneering research, there is no doubt that it placed in the hands of scholars of the subject and students of the arts of letters a remarkable instrument of analysis and understanding of artistic production not only in the West.JG

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