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Book, Calculus Course, One vol 1 (Guidorizzi) 6/18[LS]

Book, Calculus Course, One vol 1 (Guidorizzi) 6/18[LS]


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Guidorizzi, the complete content to make you stand out! By Hamilton Luiz Guidorizzi, A Calculus Course presents digital pedagogical resources that deepen and consolidate the learning of Calculus students and assist classes taught by Calculus teachers. This first volume addresses topics such as limit, derivative, integral of functions, among others. It is suitable for undergraduate Mathematics, Engineering and Exact Sciences students studying Differential and Integral Calculus and related Calculus subjects. Find out what digital resources are available in this 6th edition:•exclusive video classes that present important topics covered to deepen and practice the content;•video classes with solutions to selected exercises: audio and video with detailed explanations of selected exercises from the book;•for leveling mathematics, pre-calculus with a general review text on the essential topics of the subject, examples and exercises;•complementary problems and challenges with solutions;•lesson plans with scripts to support the teacher in preparing classes (teachers only); •illustrations in presentation format (exclusively for teachers); and•solutions manual (exclusively for teachers). ?

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