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Book, Organizational Behavior the Dynamics of Success Orga 4/21[LS]

Book, Organizational Behavior the Dynamics of Success Orga 4/21[LS]


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This 4th edition of Organizational Behavior brings as a new feature access to the Chiavenato Digital Virtual Classroom, an innovative tool that brings together various educational objects: videos by the author, texts for reflection, cases for discussion, interactive glossary and much more.In a world of businesses undergoing exponential transformation, organizations require continuous internal change, innovation and renewal, and the secret to competitive advantage is knowing how to use the intelligence and competence of the people who make up the organizations. This is the human capital responsible for organizational competitiveness. After all, the performance of organizations directly depends on the performance and talent of the people and teams that form them. A matter of pure organizational behavior. This book is based on modern concepts and practices and organizational performance, bringing together examples, applications and models. In it, you will find topics such as: Organizational Design, Motivation, Communication, Leadership, Negotiation and Organizational Development, among many others. APPLICATIONBook recommended for the subjects Organizational Behavior, Human Resources and People Management in Business Administration, Public Administration, Psychology courses , Sociology, Social Work, Pedagogy, Accounting and other courses that cover these disciplines. Also suitable for technologists in Human Resources Management.?

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