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Book, How to Do Qualitative Research 1/22[LS]

Book, How to Do Qualitative Research 1/22[LS]


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Qualitative research has been carried out with increasing frequency in social science courses. This is justified, because research of this nature provides data obtained under naturalistic conditions, enables the understanding of phenomena from the perspective of the participants themselves and produces results that could not be achieved through quantitative procedures. It happens, however, that the option for qualitative research is often due to the supposed ease in conducting it, when compared to quantitative research. Now, qualitative research is based on philosophical assumptions that are different from those that underlie quantitative research and, in order for it to be valid, it needs to be conducted rigorously. Thus, this book is presented, which begins with considerations of a philosophical nature about the scope of qualitative research, going through clarification about the multiple modalities of qualitative research, through the discussion of the care to be taken in its planning, through the presentation of collection techniques and data analysis, and concludes with offering suggestions for writing the report. Throughout the text, ethical aspects are also highlighted that must be taken into consideration throughout the various stages of the research. APPLICATIONTextbook for the disciplines Qualitative Research, Research Methods and Techniques and Research Methodology for Education, Psychology, Social Sciences, Pedagogy, Social Communication, Social Work and Economics, as well as lato sensu postgraduate courses. Complementary reading for the subjects Opinion and Marketing Research and Opinion Research of the Administration and Social Communication courses. Interesting reading for professionals in the areas of Socioeconomic Research and Market Research. Reference book for postgraduate students involved in the preparation of academic theses and dissertations.?

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