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Book, Plastic Surgery, Principles and Current Affairs 1/11[LS]

Book, Plastic Surgery, Principles and Current Affairs 1/11[LS]


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In Brazil, Plastic Surgery was taught (and learned) for many years, through information brought from abroad in books published in different languages, mainly English. Since 1965, with Jorge Ely, publications in Portuguese, by Brazilian authors, have allowed the theoretical training of Brazilian plastic surgeons to benefit from this literature. This book aims to offer those seeking the specialty basic notions for their training, as well as the most current aspects of what has been developed both from the point of view of techniques and instruments, equipment and surgical material. Taking advantage of the strength of Plastic Surgery Brazilian culture, its international recognition, with emphasis on the various specialist training schools and their respective directors, the Editors of this book sought to invite contributors representing these schools. Practically a chapter was indicated for each contributor nationally recognized as a highlight on the subject. The Editors intended, in this way, to record a photograph of the current stage of Plastic Surgery in Brazil and pass this information on to those specializing and even to those who already have experience in the specialty.

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