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Book, Brunner and Suddarth Medical-Surgical Nursing Manual 14/19[LS]

Book, Brunner and Suddarth Medical-Surgical Nursing Manual 14/19[LS]


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The right content for the best decisions. With indispensable information on around 200 most common diseases and disorders, this book is a manual in pocket format, which makes consultation possible, in addition to being the second largest reference for Nursing. The first reference, of course, is the book that gave rise to the Manual: Brunner & Suddarth | Treatise on Medical-Surgical Nursing, considered the bible of nursing. The manual is organized in alphabetical order and brings what is essential to face the daily battles in home, community and outpatient environments, constituting a true survival manual for nursing, including pointing out what must be done regarding patient guidance and expected results in relation to the care adopted. Other highlights Gerontological considerations. Brief descriptions and interventions related to care for the elderly, whose demand for health care is increasing; Nursing alert | Quality and safety. Suggestions for best clinical practice and safety warnings about priority issues and dangerous or life-threatening situations; Appendix with important laboratory values; Pathophysiology; Assessment and diagnostic findings; Clinical, surgical and pharmacological management; Clinical manifestations.

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