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Book, Biosafety and Control Infections Risk Sanit Hospital 3/18[LS]

Book, Biosafety and Control Infections Risk Sanit Hospital 3/18[LS]


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The new edition of the largest reference in Biosafety and Infection Control. Biosafety and Infection Control | Hospital Health Risk, third edition, reaffirms itself as a major reference in the area and presents high-level scientific content, fully updated for students and healthcare professionals who seek quality as a reference and believe in biosafety and risk and infection control as elements of changes in health services. Written by Professor Sylvia Lemos Hinrichsen, in partnership with a multidisciplinary team of professionals, the book Biosafety and Infection Control | Hospital Health Risk reflects the experience of the organizer and collaborators, who have worked on the creation and implementation of safe and efficient care processes, with the aim of reducing the risk of infections associated with healthcare, through systematization, prevention and control of these infections, as well as adherence to biosafety practices. Revised and expanded to adapt to new concepts and current trends, this third edition presents the interfaces of infection control in the context of care management, according to the challenges of safety and patient-centered care. Its text also highlights the importance of multidrug resistance of microorganisms, a global priority, which, due to its complexity, requires the implementation of antimicrobial stewardship programs (ASP) according to the different local realities. Highlights: Seventy chapters, divided into 3 major parts: Biosafety; Infection Control; Microorganisms and Antimicrobials. Author and collaborators are experienced and engaged in creating and implementing safe and efficient care processes in the area. Active in the production of relevant scientific materials in the area, which have even been cited by other authors.

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