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Book, Atlas of Semiology of Language 1/11[LS]

Book, Atlas of Semiology of Language 1/11[LS]


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Diagnosis using the tongue makes it possible to identify the condition of the energetic circulation of blood in the internal organs of the body, the degree of invasion of the pathology in the body, as well as the evolution of changes in the clinical picture and is very important in prescribing medications and in the prognosis of illnesses. Divided into eight parts, Atlas of Tongue Semiology presents an introduction to diagnosis through the tongue, the principles, methods and criteria for carrying out the diagnosis and each part analyzes the tongue with specific characteristics, such as: Normal tongue and coating; Pale tongue; Light red tongue; Red tongue; Dark red tongue; Blue-purple tongue and others. Atlas of Language Semiology is a complete and extensively illustrated, colorful work, with accessible information and a practical approach. It is aimed at students and professionals who are adept at Chinese Medicine.

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