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Book, Atlas of Anatomy (Gilroy) 3/17[LS]

Book, Atlas of Anatomy (Gilroy) 3/17[LS]


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Atlas of Anatomy reaches its third edition as a reference in learning human anatomy, enabling students in the health field to master the details of this important discipline through its excellent illustrations and clear and precise information. Main features of this edition: New chapters on sectional and radiological anatomy for each region of the body. New radiological images, which help in the correlation between anatomical findings and clinical practice. New section on the brain and nervous system, which focuses on macroscopic anatomy and facilitates the understanding of one of the most complex anatomical regions. More than 170 tables with summaries that facilitate consultation and retention of concepts. Data on the origin, insertion, innervation and action of muscles. Uncomplicated and convenient graphic design for better student use.

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