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Invisible Destinations A New Adventure Through Africa - by Guilerme Canever

Invisible Destinations A New Adventure Through Africa - by Guilerme Canever

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What does Mali have to do with Lesotho? What about Swaziland and Liberia? Apart from the fact that they are on the same continent, these countries have very little in common. Religions, customs, forms of government, currencies, languages, characteristics of the inhabitants, laws, food, climate and topography change considerably from country to country. But, for us – and for much of the world – everything seems to be part of a single, unknown place called Africa. That's why William

Canever chose the title Invisible Destinies – A New Adventure through Africa to name his fourth book, in which he narrates his adventures through 18 African countries.

Guilherme tells us about his daily life while also talking about history, political conflicts and describing the customs of the local people. Or better yet, the friends you make along the way. His travels do not follow traditional itineraries, his choices are never along the easiest paths. From accommodation to food, everything about Guilherme's travels deviates from conventional tourism. Along with him, most readers face adventures that they might never face alone.

Another, more intimate part of the adventures, dreams about the next destination. Journalist André Fran, presenter of the programs “Que Mundo é Esse?”, on GloboNews, and the renowned “Não Conta Lá em Casa”, on Multishow, and author of the preface, defines well the feeling we have while reading. For him, more than learning, understanding and having contact with cultures that few have access to, we have the impression that we are exploring these places with a long-time friend. “And this is not a common friend, gentlemen. None of that. But that travel companion who has studied in depth the history of the countries on the itinerary, who is willing to face the occasional “steal” to have a more realistic experience of the places visited, and whose legitimate curiosity makes us look forward to the next adventure ( and on the next page).”

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