Brazilian Pressure Cooker: Why Panelux is the Connoisseurs' Choice

At the heart of every Brazilian kitchen, one utensil stands out both for its functionality and its essentiality: the pressure cooker. And when we talk about quality, durability and safety, one brand stands out as Brazilians' favorite - Panelux.

Brazilians' favorite: Get to know Panelux

With a consolidated tradition and recognized by INMETRO certification, the first of its kind for pressure cookers, Panelux offers a complete line of products that meet all needs and preferences. From internal closing options to external closing and professional models, there is a Panelux perfect for every home and business.

Innovation and Safety in Food Preparation

The innovative design of Panelux pressure cookers, combined with multiple safety systems, prevents accidents, making meal preparation quick, safe and efficient. Whether for perfectly cooked beans, rice, meat, or for larger quantities in commercial establishments, Panelux guarantees uniform cooking and delicious results.

  • Quality

  • Durability

  • Security

Panelux 4.5 L Pressure Cooker: The Ideal Size for Everyday Life

The 4.5L Panelux Pressure Cooker is perfect for smaller families or for those who need to prepare quick and nutritious meals. With a secure closure and ergonomic design, this pan is ideal for cooking beans, rice, meat and much more, saving time and energy.


Panelux Polished Aluminum Conical Couscous Bowl - 18cm: Tradition and Versatility

The 18cm Polished Aluminum Conical Couscous Cooker from Panelux is a versatile piece that brings the tradition of couscous to your kitchen. Ideal for preparing couscous and other steamed dishes, this couscous cooker combines practicality with the well-known quality of Panelux products.


Panelux Classic Popcorn Maker: Fun and Flavor

There's nothing like a popcorn to accompany movie sessions at home, and the Panelux Classic Popcorn Maker makes this moment even more special. With its practical and efficient design, you can prepare delicious and healthy popcorn in minutes, without using oil if you prefer.


Why Choose Panelux?

Choosing Panelux means choosing a brand committed to quality, safety and innovation. Whether preparing a quick meal for the family, organizing a dinner for friends or simply enjoying some popcorn at home, Panelux products guarantee satisfaction and peace of mind. Discover today how Panelux can transform your kitchen experience.