Discover How to Save and Earn with Natubrazil!

Do you love quality products and still appreciate a great discount? Natubrazil brings a double opportunity that you won't want to miss. With the "Refer and Earn" programs and the exclusive "Natupoints" system, saving and earning rewards has never been so easy and fun!

Imagine being able to share your favorite products and still be rewarded for it. By referring friends to Natubrazil, you are not only spreading joy with amazing products, but also receiving credits for your own purchases. It does not stop there! With Natupoints, every action you take on our platform turns into points that accumulate benefits that you won't want to miss.

  • Refer a Friend

    Share your referral code with your friends. This code is your passport to incredible earnings!

  • Your Friend Makes a Purchase

    When your friend uses your reward code to make their first purchase, they receive a €5 discount.

  • Earn Credits

    After your friend's purchase, you will receive a €5 credit by email to use on future purchases at Natubrazil.

Accumulate Natupoints and Enjoy More Advantages

Natupoints are our way of thanking you for your loyalty to Natubrazil. Every action you take not only improves your experience with us but also accumulates points that can be exchanged for fantastic rewards. See how you can earn and use your Natupoints:

How to Earn Natupoints :

Account Creation

Start accumulating points immediately when creating your Natubrazil account.

Social Shares

Share Natubrazil on your social networks and earn points for each action.


Celebrate your birthday with us and receive gift points.

Social Followers

Follow us on social media and accumulate more points.


Every purchase you make is an opportunity to earn points. €1 = 5 Natupoints

How to Use Natupoints :

Free Shipping

Use points to avoid paying shipping on your orders.


Exchange your points for incredible discounts on your purchases.

Gift Cards

Turn your points into gift cards for yourself or to give to someone special.

Start your journey now

Don't wait any longer! Create your account at Natubrazil, start sharing your referral code and earn credits on your future purchases. At the same time, accumulate Natupoints in a fun and simple way. Access our page, sign up and turn your daily actions into tangible rewards. Let's start? Visit and be part of our community now!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How can I sign up for the "Refer and Earn" and "Natupoints" programs?

To participate, start by creating an account at Natubrazil. After registering, you automatically qualify to start accumulating Natupoints. For the "Refer and Earn" program, you will receive a referral code that you can share with friends and family.

Do Natupoints expire?

Yes, Natupoints expire after 365 days. We recommend using your points regularly to ensure you make the most of the rewards available. Always check the updated terms and conditions for information on the validity of points.

How can I track my Natupoints and credits earned?

You can track your Natupoints and credits by accessing your Natubrazil account. In the "My Account" section, you will find details about your points and credits balance, as well as your transaction history.

Can I transfer my Natupoints or credits to someone else?

Currently, Natupoints and credits are personal and non-transferable. They are linked to your account and cannot be transferred to anyone else.

Is there a limit to how many friends I can refer?

There is no limit to the number of friends you can refer. The more friends you refer to make a qualifying purchase, the more credits you'll accumulate.

How can I use my credits?

Your credits can be used for future purchases at Natubrazil. During the checkout process, you will have the option to apply your available credits to your purchase.

Can the "Refer and Earn" program discounts be combined with other promotions?

Generally, discounts obtained through the "Refer and Earn" program cannot be combined with other promotions. However, we recommend reading the specific terms of each promotion for more details.